Spin up the file chooser UI and select an image.

source: Android SDK Sample code
* Fires an intent to spin up the “file chooser” UI and select an image.
public void performFileSearch() {

// BEGIN_INCLUDE (use_open_document_intent)
// ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT is the intent to choose a file via the system’s file browser.
Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT);

// Filter to only show results that can be “opened”, such as a file (as opposed to a list
// of contacts or timezones)

// Filter to show only images, using the image MIME data type.
// If one wanted to search for ogg vorbis files, the type would be “audio/ogg”.
// To search for all documents available via installed storage providers, it would be
// “*/*”.

startActivityForResult(intent, READ_REQUEST_CODE);
// END_INCLUDE (use_open_document_intent)


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